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Superomatic Online Casino Bonus Policy

1. Bonuses are offered to players at the sole of casino discretion. All bonuses have one and only goal - to extend the game process by providing additional casino credits.

2. The casino reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel current promotions, tournaments and bonus offers without any prior notice.

3. There are two statuses of each bonus:

•  "Accepted" - the bonus has been credited to the money account, but has not been wagered. In this case you cannot withdraw money and / or any winnings from the account.
• "Rejected" - the bonus can be canceled and removed from active bonuses if you:
– not fulfilled wagering terms;
– applied for withdrawal of funds from the money account until the wagering terms are fulfilled;
– violated the rules or independently canceled the bonus, refused.

4. The multi-account policy is that at one home address, IP address, email address, phone number, payment system account (Piastrix, credit card, etc.) and so on, bonuses can only be received by one person.

5. Deposit bonuses. To receive a bonus, a player must make a minimum deposit depending on the type of bonus:
• "First Deposit Bonus"– 100 RUB / 50 UAH / 2 USD,
• "Second Deposit Bonus" –
200 RUB / 50 UAH / 2 USD.
• "Special bonus SUPEROBONUS 50%" – 2001 RUB / 1001 UAH / 50 USD.
6. The maximum bonus amount that can be obtained with deposit bonuses:
• "First Deposit Bonus" – 5000 RUB / 2000 UAH / 75 USD,
• "Second Deposit Bonus"–
2000 RUB / 1000 UAH / 30 USD.
• «Special bonus SUPEROBONUS 50%» – 30000 RUB / 15000 UAH / 500 USD.

7. Maximum withdrawal amount on deposit bonus - х10 of deposit amount.

8. No deposit bonuses allow users to receive certain amounts of money to the created account without making a deposit.
List of no deposit bonuses:
• “Bonus on your birthday » – 500 RUB / до 250 UAH / до 10 USD. Maximum of withdrawal amount - х2 from bonus amount.

• "Bonus for losing" – 10% of the deposit amount since the last withdrawal. There are certain wagering rules for such bonuses – p. 9.

• “FUN-bonus” - the bonus for creating an account in FUN currency is 300 FUN with x65 wager. After wagering, the user can contact technical support and receive a prize amount of 300 RUB / 150 UAH with x1 wager on their money account. The maximum bonus withdrawal is 500 RUB / 250 UAH.

9. Wagering. A wager (wager or vager) is a number (x-times) that determines the value of the total amount of bets, after the commission of which the bonus is considered to be won back. For example: the player received a bonus of $ 200 with a wager x10. To determine the value of the total amount of bets, he needs to multiply the bonus amount by the wager (200 x 10 = 2000). The list of available wager bonuses:

• "First Bonus Deposit" – x45,
• "Second Bonus Deposit" – х50,
• "Bonus on your birthday" – х30,
• "Bonus for losing" – without wager

10. Please note that not all games will fully account for bonus wagering:

• 100% rates - counted in slot games;
• 0% - in roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, video poker, keno.

11. Bonus limit. For some bonuses there may be a time limit. Information about the presence of such a restriction can be found in the descriptions of available bonuses.

12. Cashback "Bonus for Losing" allows the player to return part of the funds from the amount of lost deposits since the last payment.

13. Withdrawal at active bonus. When you apply for a withdrawal before wagering an active bonus, you lose all bonuses and winnings.

14. In some bonus offers, the amount of winnings may be limited. After wagering such a bonus, the maximum allowable amount of winnings remains in the account.

15. Wagering bonus restrictions. At Superomatic online casino betting restrictions depend on the gaming providers and the settings of the lines and denominations in the game itself.

16. Rejection of the bonus. The user is given the right to choose whether to accept the bonus or not. This option is available while notifying user about a new bonus in a pop-up window. After accepting the bonus, it is impossible to cancel it.

17. Only one bonus can be activated per deposit. If the user decides to immediately make the next deposit and receive a second bonus, both bonuses will be credited to the cash account, and the user will need to play the wager for each of them.

18. Superomatic online casino has the right to cancel any bonuses and winnings, if there is suspect that they were obtained by fraud.

19. In case of any discrepancies between the Russian and English versions of these bonus terms, the Russian version will always prevail.

20. Online casino Superomatic has the full right to update these rules at any time.

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