Incredible guest at Superomatic. Burn with a reduced wager!

January 17, 2020, 1:00:00 PM

Winter is raging outside, and visitors to our club have fun playing. The establishment is warm and cozy ... Suddenly, one of the guests notices an old marble fireplace in the hall. He appears to be a pyromancer from Mexico and asks to light a fire in a fireplace that has not been heated for many years. But, unfortunately, the wood is damp and is located outside the building, in a warehouse. A flame of delight burns in the eyes of the Mexican. He explains that he can set fire and melt any objects with a single glance, only an attendant is needed. No one agrees to go outside in such a frost. Then the pyromancer promises the future satellite that he will unfreeze his wager for exactly one day. Show the stranger the way to the warehouse - and reduce the wager for the whole day!

Set it on fire! Only until tomorrow, January 19, 20:00 Moscow time, bonus wagers are reduced by x15 and will be x40. Use the good odds this day!



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