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T and C

1. General provisions.
1.1. By registering on the Superomatic website, you confirm that you have read these rules and agree to comply with them.
1.2. The administration of the casino Superomatic has the right to make changes to the rules without prior notice to users. Your responsibilities include periodic review of terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the changes, you can stop using the site and / or close your account. Further use of any part of the site after the publication of new conditions will automatically be considered as consent and acceptance of the revised terms of the rules, including any additions, deletions, replacements and other changes related to the use of casino services.
1.3. By registering on the site, you confirm that you have reached the age of majority in accordance with the laws of your country and give personal consent to gamble.
1.4. You agree to provide accurate data in your personal profile. The casino has the right to request documentary proof of identity if necessary.
1.5. By accepting the rules, you realize that the casino can periodically conduct checks to confirm identity, contact and payment information.
1.6. During the checking, the possibility of withdrawing funds from the account may be limited.
1.7. If any of the information you provide is false, inaccurate or misleading, it is considered that the rules are violated, and the casino has the right to close the account immediately and / or refuse to use the services of the website in addition to any other actions at its discretion.
2. Registration
2.1. The minimum required data that you need to specify when registering an account are e-mail and your name. To be able to use the full range of services provided by the casino, it is necessary to fill in all the fields in the "Cabinet" tab in the "Profile" section.
2.2. To confirm the authenticity of the information specified in the profile, the casino has the right to request identification documents, as well as apply additional requirements. If for any reason you cannot provide proof of identity, the casino reserves the right to suspend the account until you receive the documents, or finally close the account if the documents have not been provided.
2.3. After registering an account, you can add an additional monetary currency for the account, first name, last name, phone number, date of birth, time zone, and gender.
2.4. The user undertakes to use his account personally and has no right to transfer access to his account to third parties.
2.5. The casino believes that all actions and transactions that occur in the account, the owner commits consciously.
2.6. You must use your account in person and not transfer access to third parties. It is also necessary to keep your registration data in a place inaccessible to third parties. If you lose your password to access your account, you can use the password recovery service.
2.7. You must notify the casino administration of the misuse of your account by third parties as soon as possible in any available way. After your report about your account misusing, the casino blocks the account. The casino is not responsible for actions taken by third parties until the account is blocked.
2.8. You can create only one gaming account in a casino. Creating multiple accounts per person, per family, per house, per IP address, on a computer or mobile device, on an account in a payment system or a bank card is strictly prohibited.
2.9. If user is found to violate p. 2.8 of these rules, the casino automatically and irrevocably blocks bonus offers on the user's accounts or blocks the user’s account (s) without the possibility of recovery. 
3. Deposits and withdrawals.
3.1. The minimum deposit amount is limited: 100 RUB / 100 UAH / 2 USD.
3.2. In making a deposit, you must follow the instructions in the instructions and on the page "Deposit". Ignoring the explicit prohibitions and restrictions specified in this section removes the responsibility for non-listed casino funds.
3.3. In making a deposit on the page "Deposit" you need to specify the amount of payment, method of payment and, if desired /with availability, choose one of the proposed bonuses. After making a successful payment, the deposit amount will be credited to the main balance, and the deposit information will be displayed on the Transaction History tab.
3.4. In making a deposit until the notification of a successful payment, DO NOT press the browser control buttons, namely “Refresh” and “Back”. This may entail a transaction failure.
3.5. You can only deposit money from your EPS account, credit card or phone. In case of revealing the facts of violation of this condition, all winnings will be canceled, and the amount of the last (winning) deposit will be returned to the card / wallet from which the deposit was made. In this case, the offending account can be permanently and irrevocably blocked. It is forbidden to make a deposit by third parties: friends, relatives or partners.
3.6. All incoming and outgoing casino payments are made through the software and accounts of financial partners, and therefore the casino cannot guarantee uninterrupted and timely payments.
3.7. Upon detection of proven failures in the casino software and its partners, the administration has the right to write off incorrectly charged funds, and also undertakes to refund all amounts incorrectly written off or not credited to users' accounts within 7 working days from the moment of such failure.
3.8. Withdrawals are made only from the main account balance. You can apply for a withdrawal on the "Withdraw" page in your "Personal Account".
Minimum withdrawal amount: 500 RUB / 250 UAH / 10 USD.
3.9. Automatic maximum payouts:
Day 30000 15000 500
Week 150 000 75000 2500
Month 300 000 150 000 5000
3.10. After submitting an application for withdrawal of funds, this amount will temporarily remain on your account balance, but will not “freeze”. You can play again with this money your winnings will increase or decrease. If during the transaction the amount of money in the account is less than stated, the procedure will be canceled due to lack of funds. You can always check the status of the withdrawal request and cancel it in your personal account.
3.11. If you find incorrect details in your application for withdrawal, you must cancel the application if it has not yet been processed. You realize that after processing the application for withdrawal of funds will be sent to the details specified in the application. The casino is not obliged to check the availability of cards, wallets in the EPS and phone numbers to which you make withdrawals, but in the case of incorrectly specified details, will try to assist in the return of funds, if possible.
3.12. Processing applications for withdrawal of funds is daily carried out. With properly executed applications and no additional requirements for the user payments are made within 24 hours after the filing of the application for withdrawal. The terms of receipt of funds to the account of the EPS / user's bank card can be from 1 to 6 working days and depend on the method of withdrawal.
3.13. There are three status requests for payments:
– "In Processing" - an application has been submitted by the user and is awaiting processing.
– "Closed" - the application has been processed, the funds have been sent to the user's details.
- "Canceled" - the application was canceled by you, or by the casino, or by the payment system, the funds were returned to the main account balance.
3.14. The casino pays out the winnings in the currency and the payment method to the cards / wallets from which the deposit was made. Exceptions are cases when it is impossible to carry out such a transaction for technical reasons or due to financial constraints. The final choice of method, timing and currency of payment is made by the administration of the casino.
3.15. After the payment is made, you may be notified of the transaction.
3.16. The total amount of the player’s bets must be greater than the perfect deposit, at least 1 time, since the last payment or zero state of the account. If a player refuses to make the necessary amount of bets, Superomatic Club withholds a commission of up to 10% of the withdrawal amount.
3.17. You are fully aware and accept the fact that the gaming FUN-account is not a bank account. Consequently, in relation to it, the methods of insurance, replenishment, guarantees and other methods of protection by the deposit insurance system or other insurance systems do not work. No interest is charged on the funds in the main account.
3.18. In submitting an application for withdrawal of funds, the casino reserves the right to verify the account in order to avoid violations of the rules. To do this, you need to upload an identity document and / or other required documents to your profile.
4. Bonus politics.
4.1. General rules.
4.1.1. This section contains general terms and conditions for participation in bonus offers. However, each bonus offer may have additional terms and conditions that you can find on the promo page of the corresponding bonus or promotion.
4.1.2. Bonuses are offered to you at the sole discretion of the casino. All bonuses have only one goal - to extend the game process by providing additional casino credits.
4.1.3. The casino does not impose on you the participation in promotions and bonus offers, everyone voluntarily participates in them and can refuse to participate at any time.
4.1.4. The casino reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel current promotions, tournaments and bonus offers without prior notice.
4.1.5. By depositing funds into the account using one or another bonus offer or promotion, you hereby confirm that you have read and accept the conditions of this bonus offer or promotion in full and unconditionally.
4.2. Bonus statuses.
4.2.1. There are two status for each bonus:
- "Accepted" - the bonus has been credited to the money account, but has not been cleared yet. You cannot withdraw cash and / or any winnings.
- "Rejected" - the bonus can be canceled and removed from active bonuses if you: have not fulfilled the wagering terms; applied for withdrawal of funds from money account until the wagering terms are fulfilled; violated these rules or cancel the bonus yourself.
4.3. General rules.
4.3.1. There can be only one active bonus on one account.
4.3.2. When you receive a bonus, the bonus amount is credited to the account’s cash account in your chosen currency.
4.3.3. In making a bet in a game, its amount is deducted from the cash account.
4.3.4. All winnings with an active bonus, regardless of which balance the bet was made from, are credited to the account’s money account.
4.3.5. Bonus and winnings cannot be withdrawn until the bonus wagering terms are fulfilled.
4.3.6. After wagering the bonus, all funds on money account can be withdrawn at any time.
4.3.7. In some bonus offers, the amount of winnings may be limited. After wagering such a bonus, the maximum allowable amount of winnings remains in the money account.
4.3.8. In case when the bonus balance is less than 1 RUB / 1 UAH / 1 USD for any of reasons, the active bonus stops its effect and is no longer subject to wagering.
4.4 Bonus wagering.
4.4.1. Bonus wagering is amount of bets that must be made to transfer the bonus and winnings to the money account.
4.4.2. Wagering of a bonus is represented as a multiplier (wager) to the sum of the bonus and the perfect deposit. “Wager 20” means that the “deposit + bonus” amount must be wagered at least 10 times. For example, if you make a deposit in the amount of 100 USD and get a 100% bonus in the amount of 100 c.u. you need to make bets on the amount (100 + 100) * 10 = 2000 c.u. for wagering. After these requirements are met, all funds will be available in money account.
4.4.3. You can control and at any time check the status of the bonus wagering in your account, in the “My bonuses” section.
4.4.4. You can replenish the basic balance for wagering bonus by making deposits.
4.4.5. Not all casino games take into account the full size of the bet in wagering the bonus: 
– 100% of the rate is taken into account in slot games;
– 0% - in roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, video poker, keno.
These values may change from time to time, so please consult the support team in each case to find out the actual values of the betting for a particular game.
4.4.6. The bonus can be played only in the cash game mode. Bets in games in demo mode are not counted.
4.4.7. When you receive a win from any bonus in an amount that exceeds the bonus rules, the casino reserves the right to limit the winnings to a fixed amount according to the bonus rules.
4.4.8. We reserve the right to suspend, revoke or cancel any payouts or winnings related to bonus offers, if you suspect that you are trying to abuse them or use strategies for the purpose of guaranteed earnings using bonus offers.
4.5. Withdrawal and active bonus.
4.5.1. After wagering the bonus, the funds are automatically credited to money account and can be withdrawn at any time.
4.5.2. You can withdraw any amount from the money account, however when you apply for a withdrawal before the active bonus is cleared, you lose all bonuses and winnings.
4.6. Bonus abuses.
4.6.1. The administration of the casino may refuse users to participate in promotions, tournaments and bonus offers without giving a reason. As a rule, this happens, but is not exhausted in case of rules violation.
4.6.2. Using casino bonuses for enrichment is an abuse.
4.6.3. If the bonus / promotional code is provided to you personally, then the promotional code for bonus activation is valid exclusively for you. It is forbidden to transfer promotional codes to other persons.
4.6.4. Please note while registering an account, your phone number must be indicated. If we are not able to contact you, it may cause restrictions on bonus using, as well as account blocking. 
5. Collusion, misleading actions, fraud and criminal activities.
5.1. The following activities are strictly prohibited; such actions will be regarded as a direct violation of the rules:
– Transfer of information to a third party.
– Illegal activities: fraud, the use of malware, bots and errors in the software of the website.
– Frauds involving the use of stolen, cloned or otherwise illegally obtained bank card data to replenish the balance.
– Participation in criminal activities, money laundering and other activities that may entail criminal liability;
– Entry, attempt to join or intent to engage in criminal conspiracy with others while playing on the website.
5.2. The casino has the right to suspend, cancel or withdraw payments or winnings associated with bonus funds, in the event that you suspect that you intentionally misuse them.
5.3. The casino will take all permissible and legal means to exclude and identify fraudulent agreements and their direct participants; appropriate measures will be taken against these persons. We are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by users as a result of fraudulent activity. In such cases, all appropriate actions are left to the discretion of the casino.
5.4. You must immediately notify the casino if you suspect that a person is in collusion or engages in fraudulent activities. You can contact us via e-mail: [email protected]
5.5. The casino has the right without prior notice to prohibit users from accessing the site and block their accounts if they are suspected of fraudulent activity. In such cases, the casino is not responsible for the return and compensation of funds available on the balance of such users. In addition, the casino has the right to notify law enforcement agencies about illegal activities. Users must fully cooperate in investigating of such cases.
5.6. You are prohibited from using the services and software of the site to commit any fraudulent, illegal activities and transactions in accordance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction. If the fact of such actions is established or revealed, the casino can suspend or block the account and keep the funds available on it. In such cases, you do not have the right to make any claims to the casino.
5.7. Registration of an account in a casino for playing for real money by casino employees, affiliate program participants, their close people and relatives is strictly prohibited and is considered by the administration as fraud. If such an account is found in a casino, both a casino account and an account in an affiliate program are blocked.
5.8. The casino has the right to block the account, as well as to cancel payments and deposits in case of suspicion about the replenishment of the account fraudulently. The casino has the right to inform the relevant authorities about fraudulent actions with payments and illegal activities.
6. Other prohibited actions on the site.
6.1. The site prohibite to communicate in an aggressive or offensive manner, use profanity, threats and use any violent acts against employees and other users of the site.
6.2. It is forbidden to upload information to the site in extent that may cause malfunctions of the site, or to perform any other actions that may affect the operation of the resource. In this case, we mean viruses, malware, mass mailing and spam - all of the above is strictly prohibited. In addition, users are not allowed to delete, modify and edit information posted on the site.
6.3. You can use the site only for entertainment purposes. It is forbidden to copy the site in whole or in any part of it without the written consent of the casino.
6.4. All users agree do not make actions aimed at hacking the security system of the website, at obtaining illegal access to confidential data or at DDoS attacks. In relation to users suspected of violating this rule, the appropriate measures will be taken: a total ban on access to the site and blocking the account. In addition, the casino has the right to notify the responsible authorities about illegal actions of this kind.
6.5. The casino is not responsible for losses and damages that may be incurred by our users or a third party due to technical failures provoked by virus attacks or other malicious actions directed at the site.
7. Validity and cancellation of the contract.
7.1. You can at any time terminate your account (remove your username and password) by sending a corresponding letter asking you to delete your account to email: [email protected] 
7.2. Until you receive a message confirming the fact of closing the account, you are responsible for any operations with the account from the moment you send the request to its execution.
7.3. In case of cancellation of an account, neither party has any obligations towards the other.
8. Errors and omissions.
8.1. The casino has the right to limit or cancel any bets.
8.2. In making bets and participating in the game, you used the money that came to your account as a result of an error or malfunction of the site or gaming clients, the casino may cancel such bets and any winnings gained through them. If at such rates cash payments were made, then these amounts should be considered transferred to you in trust, and you must return them to the casino on demand.
8.3. Casino, its distributors, branches, licensees, subsidiaries, as well as employees and managers are not responsible for any losses and damages arising from the interception or misuse of information transmitted via the Internet.
8.4. If during the game the site crashes, the casino will try to correct the situation as soon as possible. Casino is not responsible for the problems of the information technology facilities that have arisen as a result of the equipment used by you to access the site, as well as for the malfunctioning of the Internet providers.
9. Responsible gambling.
9.1. Read more at the link: Responsible Gaming
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