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Responsible gambling

Rules, restrictions and common sense in gambling

Gambling is a complete world and plunging into it you decide yourself which part of your life it will take. We are trying to guide users to the right direction and protect against errors. Casino rules exists for this. Wishing to circumvent them remember: any rules are never taken from the air, but written on the basis of sad experience.

Non-child game

There are age restrictions for the casino Superomatic visitors: no one under 18 years old is allowed to play. Gambling is not for the non-fragile children state of mind and not for adolescents that are not fully responsible for their actions and decisions.
From our side there are ways to control and screen out underage players, but adult users also need to take this issue seriously. Only you can make sure that your children will not visit the casino using your account. Use different accounts, do not confirm the automatic filling of forms, especially for pages with financial transactions. Put a monitoring program on your device — for example GamBlockNet Nanny or one of the many network offers.

Care of your property!

Another important rule - use your account only personally and do not give the access to other people even the closest. Login and password should not be kept in sight or stored in the browser and even more voluntarily provide to third parties. In our practice, there were many unpleasant situations associated with such carelessness of users which led to significant and very unexpected material losses. You are yourself responsible for it!

Gambling addiction

Dependence on the game is not such a rarity today, but in gambling it can lead to dangerous consequences. Do not abuse gambling! You obviously need to stop if you started to play much more often and devote all your time to it, and your expenses on bets exceed the limits of reasonable and cause significant damage to the wallet.

Faced with this problem, you can contact Superomatic casino technical support chat at any time of the day asking to block your account and remove your contacts from the lists. Try to break off any links with gambling, ask your loved ones for help, contact a specialist for a cure for gambling addiction.

Remember the main thing!

The game is not a way of magic enrichment; it is not an opportunity to solve all your problems in one bet. Gambling was invented once for entertainment and leisure, for these purposes it still exists. Receive pleasant emotions, make bets and win, but never forget that real opportunities are always waiting for you in real life not in virtual.

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