Save your balls!

08 October 2020 г.

You were waiting for the Easter bunny, and here we came. But not with empty hands, but with large eggs. After all, there is as much as 240% inside! Choose three eggs and get:

  • 150% on the first deposit
  • 75% for repeated deposit
  • 15% cashback

If three eggs are not enough, then look for various useful Easter eggs in our telegram.
nd if the cart with eggs is not enough, then there is another tempting fabulous offer! This is an internal Superomatic tournament, where all your deposits can return with 100% cashback. Read about the tournament, place bets, win and get your money back - here.

Well, back to our eggs. The promotion will last from 10/09/2020 (15:00 Moscow time) to 10/11/2020 (21:00 Moscow time). Hurry up to get rich this weekend!

Hold the eggs tight and don't break.

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