50 pieces for real Olympians

21 September 2020 г.

Instead of thunder and lightning, Batka Zeus is today throwing cash and gold! If you climb to the very top of the mountain, you will receive 5000 EUR.

The gods promise to be generous, so there is a lot of money, and the prize fund is 50,000 EUR.

There will also be a lot of Olympic heroes, and there will be 250 seats for all.

The bounty of the gods will last for the following days: 09/24/2020 (9:00 UTC) - 10/10/2020 (21:00 UTC).

Games that are involved:
1. Dragon Pearls
2. Sun of Egypt
3. Tigers gold
4. Great panda
5. Moon sisters
6. Aztec Sun
7.15 Dragon Pearls
8. Buddha Fortune
9. Thunder of Olympus 

The minimum sacrificial bet is 0.5 EUR.

You can also receive an additional blessing in our Telegram.
Let the force be with you!


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