Do you respect me?

17 September 2020 г.

So I respect you! And instead of a thousand words, I give you purely out of respect:

  • 150% on the first deposit for courage and courage.
  • 75% on re-deposit for persistence.
  • 15% cashback for persistence.

Did you notice that the interest rates have increased significantly? They saw you as such a golden man and decided to increase dramatically.

You can also get additional respect in the Telegram.

In general, the day of respect ends on Friday. But we respect you so much that we extended this holiday. Therefore, the dates of the promotion: 09/18/2020 (07:00 Moscow time) - 09/20/2020 (07:00 Moscow time).

I wholeheartedly kiss my soul, hug, respect and invite you to the best action.

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